The Polloway Chicken Heart first started back in the Minneapolis area in early 1977, however it did not open as a commercial establishment until the year 2002.  After several brief stints in Terre Haute, IN & Milwaukee, WI the Chicken Heart set up shop & opened its doors as it were in Fort Wayne, IN in the summer of 2002.

        Since that time the Chicken Heart has entertained & nourished individuals and social circles across the community and looks forward to many more enjoyable years to come. 

So, what exactly is a Chicken Heart?

    A Chicken Heart is a fine European delicacy that was first discovered in the '70s and enjoyed individually by European men and in turn with their female counterparts.  It didn't take long for the Chicken Heart to build a reputation for its excellence and it soon became a trendy item, spreading its way across Europe and, in turn, America.

    Today's Chicken Hearts customarily come from only the finest stock fowl.  Each feather is painstakingly plucked to ensure the best possible texture and to avoid any interfere with its savory flavor allowing it to be enjoyed by all who sample it.  Following plucking, each Chicken Heart is massaged regularly to help maintain it's tenderness and sensitivity until it can be enjoyed.

    Over the years, an unofficial tradition for experiencing the Chicken Heart took form whereby a single Chicken Heart was typically presented by a gentleman to a lady for mutual delight.   While today this is the conventional method for partaking in the Chicken Heart, it is by no means the only method and does not forbid a single Chicken Heart from being shared amongst friends or a small group for the pleasure of all. 

    So please, stop in and enjoy yourself a Chicken Heart care of Polloway's.  Take a look here at one of our best you can sample.




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